Skip Tracing Exercises

We assist in tracking down delinquent debtors.

Debt Collection Indonesia has dedicated years to acquiring and improving on debt collection techniques such as skip tracing. We will help you to narrow down the location of those people and entities that opt out of financial obligations.

Most bad debts are as a result of debtors going underground, trying to escape their financial obligations by hoping they’ll be assumed ‘missing’. Creditors are left reeling from heavy losses as a result. Attempts to get hold of them through conventional methods-from mobile phones to emails-amount to nothing.

We at Debt Collection Indonesia, however, have the required resources and skills to pursue them using skip tracing techniques. Our clients can attest to the results. They vary from law firms in search of defendants facing litigation, or in some cases, criminal proceedings to business debtors.


Contacting THE debtor

We will initiate the collection process by contacting the debtor allowing them time to reply.


we can try to contact them via phone in order to secure the payment.


We will report every stage of the debt collection to the client.

TOur professional team of debt collectors, working with partners from different industries, collects information and assesses it. We develop a trail which, upon successful conclusion, results in justice for those aggrieved. Our private investigations team has the experience to revive trails that have gone cold for years. In addition, in light of innovative technology, the PI team goes through continuous training where their skills in interviewing and conducting of field searches are honed.

The circumstances have a bearing on the approach taken. We pick the partner who is required depending on how the investigation pans out. We have a strong network of both local and international partners drawn from governmental and non-governmental sectors.

After collecting and analyzing the most obvious information, we go about conducting face-to-face interviews, make phone calls and in today’s world, follow up on the person’s digital footprint-from social networks to any other services they may access.

This information helps us to approximate the individual’s frame of mind and therefore predict their next course of action. Our portfolio speaks of our success rate and your business will not be any different.

We are committed to your goal of creating great products, improving livelihoods and leaving a legacy.

This is why we assist and play our part using our knowledge and understanding of this industry.
Debt Collection Indonesia focuses on what’s important to you and your business. We outsource our debt collection services which ultimately saves you the time, energy and money you would have (or probably already have) spent on tracking down delinquent debtors.