First Party Debt Collection

Debt Collection Indonesia has dedicated years to acquiring and improving on debt collection techniques such as skip tracing. We will help you to narrow down the location of those people and entities that opt out of financial obligations.

Most bad debts are as a result of debtors going underground, trying to escape their financial obligations by hoping they’ll be assumed ‘missing’. Creditors are left reeling from heavy losses as a result. Attempts to get hold of them through conventional methods-from mobile phones to emails-amount to nothing.

We at Debt Collection Indonesia, however, have the required resources and skills to pursue them using skip tracing techniques. Our clients can attest to the results. They vary from law firms in search of defendants facing litigation, or in some cases, criminal proceedings to business debtors.


Our expertise and experience in dealing with different kinds of debtors, including the hard core delinquents.

Our services allow flexibility which eases the time and process of scaling up or down.

Bringing us on board leaves you and your staff team to focus on your core business-getting revenue and expanding.

Increased performance which reflects on your bottom-line. We have, over decades, employed tried and tested approaches tailored to a wide variety of cases.


Managing outstanding accounts for a large number of business owners is a nightmare. It gets worse if it is a start-up because there is no in-house team to handle credit management and follow up with debtors. This is why we are here.

At Debt Collection Indonesia,we pride in our vision to set the business owner free. Free to focus on matters such as running the business without the burden of credit looming over their heads. Debt is a threat to a company’s existence since it directly affects cash flow and can cripple a promising outfit. We are that partner who you can trust to handle this side of your business instead of setting up an in-house department.

Setting up an in-house department comes with its own costs and logistical considerations. In addition, you have to go through a trial period where you assess the people brought on board-at your own cost- to determine whether they are performing effectively.

Our staff members have prior experience dealing with debtors and without deviating from your organization’s systems, policies and way of business. Our continuous training program ensures skills are improved over time and knowledge updated depending on technological changes.

Unprofessional collectors who are willing to burn bridges to collect debts are short-sighted on what business means. We understand that a delicate balance is always needed when handling individuals or entities with whom connections have been formed over years. We respect these connections even as we provide our services.