Customised Solutions

We are open to putting our expertise and knowledge to use as the situation requires without limitation

There are cases where clients, having considered our services, request for tailor-made solutions. In such matters, we synergize the skills and expertise in our team to offer packages that suit the situation. Our core packages are debt collection, skip tracing, fraud investigation and international debt collection.

Upon request, we may offer the following:

Training of Staff and Insourcing

We go beyond handling of our client’s cases, we also transfer our knowledge and expertise to the staff. This equips them to handle and even prevent similar cases from occurring in future.

This can be done informally in the process of working on a case or formally through workshops. The details are hashed out with the client depending on the nature of the training required.

Reconciliation for Takeover Accounts

We are willing to insource our staff to client’s offices to assist in reconciliation of takeover accounts. The payment procedure and logistical concerns are negotiated with the client depending on the need. We are open to ideas on how to assist the client using our experience, expertise, skill and knowledge.

First Party Debt Recovery

Debt recovery can take different forms. Some clients have preferred that the existing relationship they have with debtors be maintained. In such cases, the approach changes to first-party recovery. This is a softer approach to the debtor. It involves proceeding with recovery but under the client’s company name as opposed to on behalf of the company.

Our professionally trained staff are equipped to handle such situations. We use the client’s systems to access information about the debtor. We then proceed with debt collection as if it were the client who was doing so. The difference in this case is that we, unlike the client, are solely focused on debt collection and have necessary expertise to be gentle but firm to ensure that payment is received.

Other Tailor-made Services

We provide other tailor-made solutions to the client. You may need due diligence done on projects before, during or after completion. We are able to offer this service. You may alternatively require invoicing and collection of revenues. Some clients have taken this route after experiencing the success of our debt collection measures. We do not limit our abilities to the packages provided and have even taken on intellectual property protection upon clients’ requests.