It is unfortunate hearing of businesses losing millions of dollars in bad debts and eventually going out of business due to capital depletion owing to these debts. A comprehensive system of credit management Singapore is essential to the success of every business. Credit Corp Singapore is one of the leading service providers for receivables management. With our help, you can set up the necessary systems that will help you manage your business and reduce the risk of bad debt.

We have quite a selection of tools for credit management Singapore that will help you make informed decisions about your clients and ensure maximum recovery on all your debts.

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Credit Consultancy

Credit Corp Singapore consultancy services involve a comprehensive range of training and information regarding the entire credit management system. Credit management consultancy is a great way to empower your employees and even improve your business modules. We can train your employees on credit management systems and debt collection in Singapore. We can also help your company come up with credit application agreements, trading terms and conditions, demand letters and other legally binding documents that facilitate a smooth recovery process.

Our comprehensive range of services is essential to the operation of your business. Credit Corp Singapore is an industry leader in debt collection due to the quality and effectiveness in the delivery of your services. Call, email or visit us today, and let us talk business.


Credit Management

We can also help your business get more organized, especially where part of your business operations involve credit granting. Our full receivables management services offers comprehensive solutions to handling credit transactions from the credit application process to the point of recovery. There are various credit management strategies that you can use to cure your debt and we will tailor our credit management Singapore to the needs of your business. 

We can be involved in the management of receivable accounts. Our businesses policies involve maintaining an open and informative relationship with the client. Therefore, we will seek your approval before making any decisions regarding a debt account. We will notify your customers about their debts, engage the recovery process where necessary and solicit secondary referrals in the case of written off invoices.


Debt Collection

Credit Corp Singapore also specializes in the recovery of small business debts and consumer debts. You can outsource your debt collection to us with a guarantee of exponential improvement in recovery numbers. We are a team of professionals with combined training and experience in handling debt collection. We can improve your business debt profile by collecting debts promptly and setting up measures to avoid future defaulting on your credit agreements with your clients. 

Early and late stage agency collection: there are restrictions on when you can involve us in your debt collection process. In fact, the earlier you call us, the better the chances of getting maximum recovery on all the outstanding debt. We offer debt collection on commissions as well as free for service basis, and create customized collection strategies for your specific needs.


Debt Purchasing

Did you know that you can sell written off debts? Yes, we will buy your troubles. If you have already spent money on a debt collector who has been unsuccessful at recovering an overdue debt, you will most likely write off that invoice and attempt to work without a financial chunk of your business. This causes unnecessary strain in your business operations. 

Debt purchasing is an efficient means of dealing written-off invoices and reducing losses from such invoices. Debt purchasing guarantees your business quick and guaranteed cash flow from a debt that would otherwise be a complete loss to your company. We will offer you the money to take the debt off your hands and allow you to focus your time and resources on other important aspects of the business. We can buy debts that are anything from ninety up to two thousand depending on the debt portfolio. 


Skip Tracing

Credit Corp Singapore has some of the best skip-tracing experts in Singapore. When you cannot find your debtor, or when your debtors do not want to be found, you can use our skip tracing services to track them down. Skip tracing involves finding individuals who have skipped payments on their debts and all efforts to contact them have failed. When they are no longer available in their normal places of work or at their home, you can use skip tracing to locate them.

Skip tracing is a legal process and we abide to the legal regulations governing the kind of information that we can openly access about the client. By piecing together clues from the information collected and analyzed, we can find the most recent location of the subject and contact them to pay their debt. We embrace negotiation over litigation, but if such an investigation leads us to that, we can also help you