With Credit Corp Singapore, you never have to worry about the safety of your business.

Credit Corp Singapore is an ethical and compliant receivables management company in Singapore that offers a wide variety of services including credit management consultancy and debt collection. We do things the right way, following the rules and standards set by regulatory bodies in the country. 

It is always advisable to work with a reputable and accredited organization when it comes to your business finances. Many small business owners have often fallen into the hands of illegal management companies offering to help run the business while slowly siphoning their finances and running them to the ground. With Credit Corp Singapore, you never have to worry about the safety of your business.

The debt collection industry, similar to any other industry, has principles, standards and guidelines that every business operating in this industry is required to follow and implement in their operation systems. We at Credit Corp Singapore use these guidelines and regulations as the foundation for all our credit management consultancy services. This is how we have managed to remain a leading player in the debt collection Singapore industry.


We are licensed in the credit management and debt collection industry. We stay up to date with our license renewals. We value our clients trust and loyalty and this is why we do not want to lose the high standing position in the industry that we have attained through being accredited and reputable in our service delivery. You are free to review our licensing in the country of Singapore. 


The rights and freedom of every individual should be protected as provided for in the law regardless. Debt collection Singapore is regulated by various legal acts that ensure the process is not in violation of individual rights and regulations by the law. Credit Corp Singapore has never been involved in any disputes with our clients because we abide by the law in all our endeavors. The conduct of our debt collectors towards debtors is respectable and professional and this also contributes to our extremely successive conversion rates.

Our compliance framework has enabled the country to attract a lot of important clients. This has led to a lot of growth including constantly improving our service delivery systems to meet market standards and customer expectations. We are completely against vices such as money laundering, harassing clients and forms of terrorism. 

Credit Corp Singapore has invested heavily in meeting these legislative requirements. A company that is willing to invest in the security and safety of its clients is a company worth trusting. When handing over control of any financial aspect of your business, there is often a lot of concern about the legitimacy of the company. You can rely on us to handle your business transparently and professionally. Achieving compliance to all these legal acts has set us apart from other debt collection companies.



Quality assurance is an essential part of our business maintenance. We implement various quality assurance systems and procedures that ensure we are effective in our operations. We dedicate our time and resources to ensuring that every client enjoys quality service. We are constantly challenging our service delivery systems and ourselves. This helps us stay innovative and constantly improves our business module. 

The debt collection industry has various standards and requirements of any company that wants to be a leading player. Credit Corp Singapore is an outstanding performer in the industry due to these quality assurance methods that ensure consistency in quality service delivery.


In order to help your business to grow, we need to grow as well. At Credit Corp Singapore, we are always looking for a way to grow and improve your customer service delivery. We use a lot of modern software that needs constant upgrading to keep up with market demands. We also carry out regular training of our staff for the latest in debt collection Singapore. These upgrades and improvements can also play a role in your company through our credit management consultancy project where we can carry out workshops and training on credit management for your employees.



At Credit Corp Singapore, we understand that we cannot solely succeed without involving other key partners in the sector. In fact, without these affiliations, we would not be able offer such compressive services. We work closely with government bodies, consumer groups, trade associations and legal offices. By involving other players in the sector, we have no choice but to improve and maintain industry standards. This helps to build consumer confidence with the company.


Compliance is important to us and that is why we are able to offer quality services to all our clients. 

You can trust Credit Corp Singapore to work within the law and debt collection Singapore regulations. The reputation of your company is influenced by how we implement our credit management strategies on your customers, and we strive to ensure they think only the best of you. Get in touch with us today and begin the road to a successful and debt free business.