We follow a legal process defined by the bounds of law.

The methods we use vary but are aimed at the same thing: settlement of accounts while making sure our approach does not harm your relationships.


We are a credit management and debt recovery company based in Indonesia.

Our debt collection history proves that these methods work. We have offered our services to both private and commercial clients to ensure quick settlement of their debts to avoid expensive legal action.


Debt Collection and Fraud Investigation




We narrow down the location of those people and entities that opt out of financial obligations.



Our team embeds itself and helps in collection by acting as you-in your name.



We follow quality assurance systems and procedures.



We work closely with our partners in the sector to offer remarkable services.

Professional & Swift Way To Collect Debts in Indonesia

Indonesian Debt Collection Agency provides a complete and authentic solution for recovering the outstanding debts. We are determined to recover the hard-earned amount from the debtors as promptly as possible. Debt Collection Indonesia is highly tremendous and skilled in dealing with the debtors and successful in the recovering the debts collection for the clients. We carry out to the major tasks and try our level best so as to recover the debts amount for our clients in the best possible means as possible.

Trustworthy Name in Debt Recovery

Debt Collection Indonesia is considered one of the trustworthy names in collecting the outstanding debts collection amount from the debtors. We follow distinguished steps for the successful recovery of the debts that will lead to approach the debtors. We stand firm with prominent and evident practices for the swift recovery of the debt collection amount from the debtors. Thus, Indonesian Debt Collection Agency certainly don’t quit the tasks of recovery until the esteemed clients are successfully get paid with the outstanding debt amount.

Trained & Skilled Debt Collectors

Indonesian Debt Collection Agency hires the highly experienced, professional and skilled team of debt collectors who are well trained and organized to manage the debt collecting situations promptly for our clients. We entirely ensure that our trained specialists will manage the type of situation accordingly in terms of recovering the debt collection as rapidly as possible from the debtors. Debt Collection Indonesia is highly devoted to accumulating the debt money of our clients so that they can feel a breath of ease from the long delays. Our skilled professional debt collectors are so confident in their work that they will never let you down at any step and will certainly manage to recover the outstanding amount from the debtors for our clients.

Debt Collection Services In Indonesia

Our highly trained team has a professional touch which means that your reputation will not be affected in the process of debt recovery. LET US HELP YOU.